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Navigating the website

  • As you use the website, there are two ways to learn more about what you're seeing.
    • As you move the cursor over the web page, a bubble will occasionally appear that provides a brief instruction or explanation.
      Try it by moving your mouse over this sentence.
    • Hover over the icon to view more detailed information concerning the topic the icon appears next to.

Search Options

  • After you click the “Search for an Assisted Living” button on the home page, you will have the option to find assisted living facilities by location or by facility name.
  • “Find Assisted Living by Location”
    • When you search by location, you have the option to search by distance from a Minnesota city or zip code, or to search by one or more counties.
    • When searching by location, you also have the option to filter your search results based on one or more quality measures. The website uses a formula to rank facilities based on the quality measure priorities you select.
  • “Find Assisted Living by Name”
    • When you search by name, you have the option to select up to 8 facilities. You can remove facilities you previously selected by clicking the small gray X next to the facility’s name.

Frequently asked questions

This document answers frequently asked questions about the report card.
Assisted Living Report Card Fact Sheet (PDF)

Ratings Guide

This guide defines the report card quality measures and describes how they are scored.
Assisted Living Report Card Ratings Guide (PDF)